New arrival.

Shiny goodness.

End of an era.


Fun with Gubbinz

When a Mek gets hold of instant Mold

Yes We Kan

Shot to the Heart

Wayland Games Centre visit.

Kommandos assemble

Tinklaw's Boyz

Back to bases.

Say hello to my Little Friend

Black Legion Test Model and painting recipe.

Kunning yet brutal

Whaaaaa aaaawww bugger it

I aten't dead

Gorkanaut/Morkanaut Review and Progress

Big an Zappy

Crashed and Burned.

Gorka(or possibly Morka)naught

What lurks within?

Ruins of past times

Kan we build it?

Going on a WAAAAGH

Stomp Stomp Stomp, Burn Snip Burn

Dakka Dakka Dakka.

What Elephant?

Paint plans

Quick Shoota Boy update.

Looking Fabulous Darling.

Quick Distraction

Pipe terrain finished construction.

Something to stand on.

Granny Grating, Walkways and other uses.

Cutting an eagle

Whats in the Pipeline

New toy. Terrain making tool.

The Big D

Shoota Boyz coming along

Warhammer Visions and WD weekly review out. Why why why GW?

Tryanids, My Impressions

2013 how did I do