Going on a WAAAAGH

So things have been going well, I likely have two weeks before getting a new codex and a game this evening Vs Lester. Seems like a good opportunity to look over what I've got painted and review what's still to come.

Starting with a group shot I now have over 750 points painted, and I've started on the first Kan (in the middle towards the back) and might even finish him tonight if I'm very lucky.
Looking over them all altogether really helps inspire me to finish the last few, while unlikely to do so before the new codex I hope that the list will be just as playable so I can add some new shinies to bring it up to 1500 later in the year.

With the Army displayed in full I'll leave you with a quick recap of the units in the order they were finished.
Grubgul and his Ladz
Gargshuv MechGubbinz
Shoota Boyz
Da Krab


  1. Lot of character in this army. So looking forward to the huge swelling of ork players. I miss my green buddies!

    1. Will be interesting to see how the new book pans out.


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