End of an era.

Pinched from Evan at Facing the Grey Tide
It's nearly two yeas since I started this blog and in that time my Orks have dominated my hobby time. But with so little progress since I was preparing for the game up north  it's time for a change. Read on to see what.

Facing The Grey Tide have issued a hobby challenge inspired by the old white articles.

So to shake things up I've decided to dig out my nids. As the challenge allows you to 'buy' models you already own it means I can not only add some new units but also make some progress with models I've owned for years.
Full rules for the challenge can be found here and the Early FAQ here.
Above are all the models I currently have and along with these I intend to add some of the new kits.

First up I’ll be picking up a Malanthrope this weekend at Dragonmeet and since that only gives me one model and there is a double up month December will also fill that role. So here is what the next 6 months of painting will look like.

December £101.00
8 Geanstealers
Brood Lord
12 Devilgaunts
I'll start with the rippers as I want to make an adjustment or two to my paint scheme, nothing major just take it up a notch once I've had a look at the painting guide and Picked up a special effect paint or two.

January £48.50
Hive Tyrant

So I've got a quiet month in January with only two models, however I have no doubt that I'll have left overs from january, add in the conversion work for the Tyrant's Devourers and possible magnets and It should be an interesting month.

February £58.00
3 Zoanthropes
12 Hormagaunts
I plan to add three of the new Zoans to my collection this month, but with only 3 models it's not much of a challenge, so I've borrowed £8 from next month to get started on some Hormagaunts.

March £42.00
3 Tyrant Guard
Another quiet month with only one kit of three, I've wanted hive guard of ages and started to convert some from 2nd ed metal warriors, I'll start the kit by playing with this kit and my conversions, so could lead to having enough for 3 Hive guard and the Tyrant guard.
The goal for the month will be the Tyrant guard for the challenge and I'll visit the Hive guard at a later date.

April £64.00
3 Warriors
The astute among you will realise that a forge world Malanthrope and Warriors box is more expensive than £64.00 however I plan to cheat a little here.
A year or two back I was playing with spare parts from my plastic Swarmlord and an old battered Hive Tyrant from an ebay batch (badly pinned legs, cut off  spor stacks ect.) and came up with this.
Expecting loads of tasty bits in the Zoanthrope kit left over from the Venomthropes I plan to finish off this bad boy.

May £38.00

Somewhat inevitable I just want one and with the list painted up I reckon there are a few tasty options to put in the pod.

And thats it.
So thats my budget challenge all planned out. Some of the models have a bit of paint on them with the warriors having the most (two dry brush layers on the barbed strangler.) Since I wont be starting to do anything till next week and the likelihood of 80+ hour workweeks January and February I'm sure no one will begrudge me a little head start of a few airburshed base coats and on guy with a little dry brush work.

As for my Orks? they will be on the back burner, the Morkanaut is still to hand and will have paint applied as an when I feel like a change but to be honest after two years of Orks I'm glad of the change.

I'm also working on a couple of terrain projects the first of which has an unboxing post half written (one I've been adding to for the past three weeks and really should get finished)
The second of which will get an unboxing and progress report as soon as I find the time to write it up.

But for now I'm looking forward to the challenge and thanks for reading.


  1. Nice plan Dan! I hope a random "waaaaagh" doesn't knock your little bugs over :).

    I know how you feel though! I painted so many templars, then back to orks, now I'm doing necrons, and nids. Variety is the spice! Your plan looks pretty solid for a good fun list. I think if you want any suggestions, it would be to throw in some heavy hitters, like a carnifex (could to be ultra cheap due to deathstorm), or a tyranofex.

    1. Fortunately I already have 6 painted fexes (including 4 2nd ed screamer killers) and a tyrnaofex. In total I may own about 10,00 points of nids in various states of play, (mostly the same state as the picks above.) hoping to fill some missing slots with this challenge along with some little ones. I reckon some of my painted big bugs may make an appearance on the blog along the way as many of them would benefit from some basing attention.

    2. I blame my lack of reading past posts. :) Looking forward to you participating in the challenge!

    3. I wouldn't most of my Nids are older than the blog so haven't featured much.

    4. I don't know how you can paint so much.... I can only ever paint 4 bloodletters at a time before i flip the table in rage, blood for the blood god. But seriously, i am looking forward to following your progress.

  2. Looks like a solid plan! I like the converted Malanthrope, should be really cool, and a great way to get one on a budget.

    1. It came about while playing with the mass of bits I have laying around when I decided I didn't need another hive tyrant badly enough to fix the shoddy pinning and back damage just for that. Looking forward to the weekend to pick up a FW one and it'll give a good comparison.


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