New toy. Terrain making tool.

Recently I've been looking at options to build up my experience with CAM equipment, the fact it will also help make better terrain and models is of cause a big Brucey bonus. After some searching online and reading of reviews I managed to pick up the Craftwell eCraft electronic Die Cutter. See how my test cuts turned out after the break.

Once set up and with a few trial passes I spent an hour or two cutting craft shapes for my daughter and I to play with as a surprise for Mummy. (who proceeded to get home early and so joined in the colouring and sticking) 
The leaves and the tree were cut out using the eCraft and after an enjoyable family evening, I was happy that I could get to grips with it and move onto something more hobby based.

Having won the eCraft through ebay I'd already had a play with Inkscape to produce some basic designs. After a couple of attempts to iron out the major bugs and make my layers more economical I 'printed' my first cut for terrain use.
While there was a slight snag, as I get used to setting the machine up this should occur less often and only as I play with new materials and thicknesses.
Sill after a short play with one of the bulkheads and bits I'm happy with the result. Even with the odd hiccup every now and then I'll still be able to cut more precise and intricate details both for terrain and even logos and glyphs for models.
 For now though I'll leave you with a little teaser of the test paice I started on last night that will use the above bulkhead and some more bits I've been considering for a while.