Stomp Stomp Stomp, Burn Snip Burn

snip SNIP snip SNIP
On friday I left a little hint as to who was coming up next, read on to see how it's finished up.

If you've followed my blog for a while or had a good shuffle round you'd be familiar with Da Krab. Since finishing him back then, I picked up a box of Kans and a Deff Dread and like the weedy little claw on a fiddler crab my old dread wasn't up to scratch. Added to that I found performance on the field limited by having big shootas (would only be worth it on a Deff dread if you could run 4).
So I set about making some changes to go along with the rest of the walkers discussed here: march of the machines.
 And now he's completely finished base and all. 
So much more choppy, and with magnetised weapons if needed I can easily add more to him and change things up when then new book comes out in a week or two. 

I must admit the shear quantity of glyphs had him on the back burner for quite a while which is a little daft since they really didn't take that long to do. 

With another two units ticked off the list later this week I'll be doing a round up of my Orks so far and what's left to do to hit that 1k pts target.

For now though why not have a closer look and let me know what you think in the comments.