Shoota Boyz coming along

A while ago I finished the 5 Boyz above. since then I began work on the next batch and every now and then get chance to do a little to them. Last night saw me knock up the bases ready to paint and get some more colour on the torsos. With pics and chatter after the break.

These boyz have had a fair bit more scrapyard junk on the bases than the last lot an it will give me chance get my rust formula down ready for my Tablescape tiles in the coming months.

I hope to finish my 1k Ork list before the tiles arrive as this will let me move onto some terrain projects to accompany them. With that in mind I'm currently eyeing up digital cutters to be able to make intricate cardboard designs for textures. 

Until then I only have a few Orks left to paint and I'll have a 1k list finished. 

Following on from my last rants I've also been collecting the new white Dwarf weeklies and at some point will do a compilation review over the month. The weekly mag has some promise but expect a constructive critique as it could be better.

Thats it for now, hopefully progress with orks will carry on tonight assuming I don't get distracted by TV, X3 albion prelude, Kerble or just run out of time thanks to the 8.6KG lump of pork I need to butcher and freeze.