Dakka Dakka Dakka.

So here are da ladz nearly done and as I've been hinting in the last post or so I've managed to finish them up. So today I share the whole unit. 

 The second batch of 5 all painted up. The bases are looking great on the table and I;m realy happy, add to that I think these are some of the best photos I've taken so far (all are taken with my samsung s2) and I'm dead chuffed. 
Lets have a look at them with da rest of the squad. 
So just a short one today, I managed to use the momentum from these to finish up another model so keep em pealed monday for the return of an Old friend, if you can guess who why not leave a note in the comments. As always any comment welcome and I'll leave you with a characterful pic taken while trying to get a good clear shot.
Wat ya lookin at Chummer?


  1. Ta very much. Just read your battle report vs Imperial fists. Sounded a blast.


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