Granny Grating, Walkways and other uses.

So it's now been nearly three weeks since Gav came round to visit. Time is really running away from me at the moment but big deadline just gone by last friday, so should settle a little as slightly less pressure now.

Last time I had just removed the Aquila pictured above and prepared for a new one. read on to see how things changed.

A very successful cut for the main details gave me two perfect Aquilas, the backing shapes were slightly less successful but I did get a useable one even if the guide drawing didn't quite work as well as I had hoped. 
As you can see the drawn guide image slipped before cutting and was on the wonk. Still once painted I reckon it'll look great. Beyond showing the die cutter to Gav we couldn't be bothered to play with it any more. So had a catch up while an old Robin Hood film was on the telly, a version I'd never seen with Uma Thurman as Maid Marian. An odd film, it wasn't that great but kinda funny at times.

Since then I've have managed to get some work done on the walkway, using two pieces of clear acrylic plastic for the base then a layer of Granny Grating and card details, I'm please with the result and just need to sort out how I;m going to do rivets. 

Oddly enough as I've been doing this one of my new followers, Leyzer, has also been playing around with terrain. In particular he has been looking for granny grating and after a little look round I found some interesting links I thought I'd share. 

First up My Googling Lead me to this discussion on 'the miniatures page' forum and a really usefull image to help understand what size to buy (especially if using online ordering). 
Photo Originally posted on 'The Miniatures Page' By member Cacique Caribe
A fantastic image for gauging scale for different jobs. However from that thread the links get even more interesting
Firstly the image posters original scale post
has several great examples of people sharing work using Granny Grating,
Along with another post started by him,
this second link has some cool advice/examples for basing among other things.

However the link that really interested me was the main one he posted about.
This little beauty has some great templates to really get the most out of the material 
Photo Originally posted on
It's always great to find something simple that you had never thought of, with very little work I'm expecting the results to be outstanding and have already had a play with my die cutter to make a suitable window frame and plan to use these in my next section of piping.

Lastly for today I also found a old blog post using granny grating to decorate bridges, having had a skim through it's well worth a look at all his posts. While there is nothing since january 2013 he has some fun game reports for Speed Rally a Death race type racing game and further back loads of terrain articles and I;ve book marked him for future inspiration.

While I've not got round to posting much I've made some progress with the pipe section and just need to work out removable hand railings. In doing so I;ve found an interesting solution for rivets and hopefully will have that up by monday and maybe have the piece undercoated. Who knows I may even manage to write up the two battle reports from the notes I've had for nearly a year. 

For now though I hope Iv'e given some useful links, comments always welcome, Have fun.


  1. No problem. Blogging and sharing this kind of think is a great way for me to keep track of the random stuff I've found while researching, if it helps others too then yay.


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