Big an Zappy

Having begun to build a whole new body for the Morkanaught's Kustom Mega Kannon earlier in the week I managed a little more last night, as my photos to review the kit didn't come out that well (blurry and poorly lit) I can share the mounting bracket after the break.

After playing round with the bracket and trying to take advantage of the magnetic body of the gun it became clear that to have the gun swivel without too much movement a better mounting point was needed. A cap off an old press stud  worked a charm and now I can move the gun just as well as the proper components, a little bit of detailing around the cap will also restrict sliding movement though it's currently not that much of an issue.
 Now all the gun needs is some bulking up round the shoulder and final details.

I plan to get some better photos of the actual kit for a review but want to do so in daylight meaning it may not be till monday, for now though and comments welcome and have fun.