When a Mek gets hold of instant Mold

Before knocking up the Kommandos, after stumbling across on a blog post (sadly can't remember who's), I'd seen a number of videos for Instant Plastic Clay. Knowing I wanted to have lots of details on the Kommandos I ordered some at the same time as the small Kromlech backpacks.
Having not used the clay for the Kommandos I've crack it open to help with the Mek gun and Gorka/Morkanaut. With the mek gun last shown as above, read on after the break to see how it's looking.

As you can see I got somewhat carried away with making greenstuff bitz, the instant mold is brilliant and allowed me to get details and components that would have been a nightmare to cut from the original piece and in some cases has allowed me to rescue details that where later destroyed wile removing them or covering them up. 

Once I'd made the first batch it allowed me to focus on choosing details that best suited the job, and since hardened green stuff is much easier to trip than plastic I could cut it to shape with little difficulty and combine components in new and interesting ways.
A little bit of me feels that this sort of thing is getting close to the line of simply copying/recasting bitz but since green stuff press molds was once covered in white dwarf this level of partial molds is probably ok. 

And with a good batch of bitz at my disposal it allowed me to finish the mek gun chassis.
The addition of cast green stuff details and a bunch of cables has realy finished off the chassis and I'm well chuffed with the result. Sadly the pics a little blurry but it shows the detail well enough. I had fun combining 5 different cast bitz to make a funky control panel for the gunners platform and a chunk of the manufactorium terrain set provided an exelnt way to cap off the back end with an old gorka morka winding handle to finish.
And yes that is 4 magnets on the gun mount, thanks to the heavy motor used for the Kustom Mega Kannon it was necessary to make sure it didn't come off every time I wanted to move the gun and point it at it's target. 

Thanks to the old webcam swivel mount I get a far degree of movement though the next trick will be to make sure it stays pointing in the right direction.

At some point I'll be picking up a proper model so I can field a pair of guns, at that time I also plan to build a Traktor Kannon out of an epic Mega Gargant's lifta droppa. For now though I think it looks pretty good with the Mega Kannon. 

The green stuff work on this has realy inspired me to get on with my Naut conversions and things have picked up a little. Lester and I are visiting Gav next weekend so I hope to have the naut and something else done by then. This weekend will be the clincher and expect to see pics in next week's mid week post. Until then TTFN