On Wednesday I shared the state of the Orkanaut as it was at the beginning of last week and I was hoping to have chance to glue the last 3 pieces in place. Well today I'm happy to announce success and after the break I've got pictures of the finished construction including a little surprise

I'm well happy with this and can't wait to spray it this weekend (or maybe as soon as I get home if the wife will let me.) in the picture it's lightly put together and once painted there will be a little bit of routing for the wires that power the LEDs.
While I've had plans for LEDs as I thought it would be cool it was only last week I managed to work out where to put them.
Two LEDs are mounted in the head, one red one pointing forward and a a yellow sticking out the the back though the 'cyclops eye' alongside the cables that come in.
A second pair are mounted in the leg gubbinz room with a pair of plastic tubes packed with christmas decoration fiber optics and capped with a glass bead for the headlamps.

I still have to route the cables properly from the head and out of the back into the base but that will be a final job once painted (it's just struck, literally as I type this that Grots should be involved to hide the wire)

Still even with the untidy cables I think it realy works to show off the extra detail I've put inside.

Thanks to some Tau spares Gav gave me the underside of the head mount not looks like looted gubbinz instead of the dull plastic ring.
I might add a couple of welded plates just to finish it off but then I'm ready to mask the important lights and spray away.
Once sprayed I'll see if I can get some shots of the LED positioning and maybe knock up an advice post based on my experience with my first light up model.

Until then comment away and TTFN


  1. Dan.....this is super ridiculously epic. I get so excited when I see these updates. What an absolutely awesome morkanaut! Loving the LEDS too. Just wow.

  2. That is looking the Dogs Boll orks!


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