Wayland Games Centre visit.

Sadly my little one has been poorly thanks, to teething causing a chest infection (not for the first time) and I had to take some time off work so there blogging plan sort of fell apart, something I hope to fix today.
On monday the 22nd Lester and I made it to Wayland Games Centre for our battle, and with my army all neatly packed up ready I was quite excited to get a game in. While not a full battle report read on to see how it went.

We left work at 4 taking advantage of flexible working and grabbed a quick Mc Ds on the way, fortunately both of us knew the area around Rayleigh a little so it was relatively simple to find the Centre with a little aid from good old google maps.

Arriving at the centre we got a quick tour from a staff member and I was genuinely surprised by the size of the place. There are ample tables with plenty of terrain, a fully licenced bar and a reasonable range of snacks including hot dogs.

After a quick wander round we grabbed a table and cleared it of terrain for a clean canvas that allowed us to cherry pick bits that sparked our imagination. I found some icky looking Bubbling green/brown pools and there were a bunch of huts kicking round. The pools became Orky Drops and the huts we're suitably primitive that we were clearly fighting over a Savage Ork settlement.

Having rolled 'The Scouring' lester produced a unit of 5 puppy scouts and a Panzie  ranger, clearly they had been ambushed and captured by the Orks, as we began to place them we both clearly had the same idea for one in each hut, a slight shuffle round to make sure the 12 inch between objectives was maintained and we had a cool story with two armies converging on the village, would the captives be freed or enslaved?

Rolling for warlord traits I got Night Attacker and Strategic Genius, so sadly missed out on master of ambush. Declaring Night fighting on turn 1 we then rolled off for deployment zones (I got the big hill) and I proceed to make my first mistake when winning the role for first turn and deciding to deploy first.

With shoota boys on both flanks along with a CC unit (storm boys On the Ork right, Sluggers on the left). I secured the centre round the dread and Kans, then the copters and Kannon take up position on the hill.

Countering this Lester deploys in a refused flank on the right of his deployment zone, with just the lone puppy to run down the center (just off the right of the pic below). Harald and the wolves outflank and the dreadnaught Brother Wolfgar goes in his drop pod.
With the Lone Puppy more central my options for the Kommandos are severely limited so I place them behind the smaller hill hoping to run round and roll up the flank (mistake No.2).
At this point I'm sitting on the back foot. Half my army will take forever to get into the fight (even the Mek Gunz are all out of range.)

Rather predictably I lost, in fact I was tabled as I flew the dakka jet off the table in turn 6 but there were some highlights.
Da Krab getting immobilised by razorback in turn one kinda sucked but as the Lone Puppy lined his charge up watching him frustrated as the razorback finished the job was quite amusing.
Obviously losing his preferred target and having to take on a lesser foe put him off his game, charging the Kans alongside the thunderwolves neither he nor the Cavalry managed to kill a single kan (though both were immobilised). A massive ruck then ensued as Tinklaw, Dok Wurrgrod, Da Runtsmashas and Grimstomp's Rokit Devils used a Waaagh to charge (losing 5 Devils to the new Rokit pack rules) in to save the Kanz.
Declaring a challenge Tinklaw battled it out with the Thunderpuppy champion netherside causing any wounds. The boyz lose a couple but manage to cause some wounds and as we start to add up combat res I realise I forgot to attack with the two nobs. With 4 Power Klaw attacks each and only one target (both on a single wound) each,  (Grubgul's only valid target is the puppy in the challenge and Wazzaruk's is the Lone Puppy)  I role expecting the storm shields to save the puppies hides from harm, but with possibly the best roles I've ever had from the pair of them the two space wolves are pummeled to the floor.

After that I tried to use some cunning maneuvering to buy me time to thin the blood claws down, While the Kanz managed a turn of shooting at them and killed a bunch it was not enough as grey disciplined grey hunter fire reduced the slugger mob by some and when the climatic charge came Wazzaruk's Devils destroyed the razorback's compliment but Tinklaw, Wurrgrod and Da remaining Runtsmashas lost to many to the blood claws I4 'counter' attacks, While Tinklaw battered the Puppy Priest to the ground the boys round him held their ground though lost a couple more to mob rule. In the end the combat went the blood claws way as their I4 and 3+ save simply carried the day.

After Tinklaw was dragged down it became a simple matter of cleaning up for the Puppies.
I'm sure Lester will regale you all with the Saga of Brother Wolfgar on his blog Thoughts of a Part-Time Hobbyist. needless to say when a Dreadnought stands in front of a unit of mek gunz with a single hull point and stunned you expect it to die!!!!
Brother Wulfgar Wyrmsbane from Lesters Blog
I suppose I should be glad that Harald didn't turn Up till turn 4 or it would have been over much sooner, I realy must learn to let the Puppies deploy first, that way I can react to what's in front of me instead of just aiming for a balanced deployment.

Both of us realy enjoyed our visit to Wayland Games and definitely plan to visit again, the staff where very polite and helpful, checking the warehouse if something wasn't on the shelves. Next time we'll try out the hotdogs and hopefully won't get a little bit lost on the way back.

Even though this one is late in the day for friday I have the pics of the now finished Black legion unit and I'm already preparing something for next week. Hopefully spreading out post writing a bit and use of Schedules will help keep a more regular batch of posts as I have a fair bit to share, so until then TTFN