What lurks within?

Having shared the first terrain piece I intend to update on friday, today I have another old terrain pieces and this one will likely require the least work to bring up to date. 

One of my first experiments with layering corrugated this piece has survived the best of all my terrain and has seen it's fair share of conflict.
The large interior means that you get a good balance of cover and the open area inside means it can become the focus of brutal firefights and combats without causing a massive obstruction. If we want we can also add rubble or containers to decorate the building and provide cover for units within.

Upgrades will start by smoothing the wall textures, then after that I'm thinking the Die Cutter will enable me to add a lot more detail without needing to use much of my Imperial sector yet help make the warehouse fit into my terrain collection. 
Next I'll need to decorate the doorway and windows with frames and then add a roof of some sort to make it look finished, I may also damage the window wall for better access points and even use the roof build to add some walkways to connect to other buildings.
Lastly replacing the toilet roll tanks with something a little better and sprinkling of poster will finish the piece along with using painting colours to better define the area of difficult terrain in the collapsed section. 

One thing I do want to conserve is the window to the office, even around 15 years ago you can see how I loved adding little details to tell a story. 
It's hard to see here but a skelington is suspended in stands of hot melt glue obviously some giant mutant spider has moved in and stalks the battlefield.

Yet again I find that getting ideas down is inspiring me, Lester's comments on friday two as with the area terrain rules gone his suggestion to betting differentiate building and floor make me think this will also allow more open space and less difficult terrain if I make it obvious which bits are rubble and which are just clear floor space. 

So as always comment welcome and thanks for reading.