Fun with Gubbinz

So I've been harping on about my Orkanaut progress for a little while yet haven't coughed up the Pics to show how well it's going. Showing only a slight hint with all the greenstuff bitz when sharing the Mek gun progress. Today I have a proper update and while these picture are about a week out of date I'm was busy preparing to visit Gav with Lester this weekend gone for fun and games.
Read on to see how the walker looked at the start of last week.

After considerable effort I managed to remove the Face from the doors, as the Orkanaut is joining my Bloodaxes I used a press mold of a pair of Nob big choppas for the axe heads and some detail trimmed of a manufactorium panel that's been kicking round in my bitz box for a while.

With the door taking shape I moved onto dealing with the first half of the kit issues I flagged up in my review.
Most of the issues I had with the kit stemmed from the large hollow behind the head that just looked like a big empty missile catcher, so the first job was to cover it up with some plasticard and give it some detail.
after the was done the most complex job began; workey gubbinz for the legs.
A dig through my bitz box found some great components from robogear models, added to some greenstuff cogs, made from a press mold of another robogear part, and some plastruct I beams the workey bitz started to take shape.
For painting purposes I mounted the gubbinz from the underside of the torso which slots neatly into place between the legs.
Since these photos where taken I've all but finished the Naut and even used it in the game last weekend, hopefully I'll manage to glue the last 4 bitz in place tonight and get some photos taken for the end of the week.

Until then TTFN and as usual all feedback welcome.


  1. This is fantastic Dan.....I want more...I absolutely love the axes on the front "not really an assault ramp since it's not an assault vehicle thank you GW". So many little details! Also really liking the connection element between the upper section and the interior. Smart and well orky!


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