Cutting an eagle

Last time the pipeline was looking like this, I've managed to get some more work done and it's really taking shape. Added to that I've had a chance to play with my die cutter some more, read on to see how things are going.

First step was to glue on the side pipe to complete the overall shape of the piece. With the arched design a success on the fist side, a second one was 'printed' and glued to the end along with razor handle pillars.

The next step saw the beginning of the detail, wanting to make the pipe look like and overflow I buit up round the back of the old light fitting and constructed a sluice gate handle out of bits.
While basic it will do for now, having made progress I wanted to play with the die cutter again and see how detailed I could get. Digging round online found a nice basic Imperial Aquila warhammer 40k wiki and thanks to the tracing tool in Inkscape quickly turned it into an SVG file ready for cutting. After which I stuck it to a spare piece of card, trimmed round it and glued it to the side pipe. 

I'm really impress with the cutter, it did slightly damage the Aquila's left claw But considering how intricate a design this was there is no way I could have achieved even close to these results by hand. Especially in the 5 mins it too took get the picture, turn it into an SVG and send it to the cutter. 

The only issue I have is the backing card and how I trimmed it, since taking the photo I've removed this eagle and will be cutting a new pair to go on each side of the pipe hopefuly this evening.

Still I can't fault the cutter for this mistake and before removing the Aquila I grabbed a few orks to stand alongside to pipe and give an indication of scale .
I very happy with how the die cutter is performing and since playing with the Aquila I've managed to work on the walkway, once that stage is finished I'll get some more pics. For now heres how the piece looked after the last stage of frenzied activity. 
As an added bonus Gav is down from Nottingham so he should be popping round later this evening. We may well have a play with some more things, just as long as I don't have to offer my terrain piece to GW as one of their sculptures helped with it....