Ruins of past times

Yesterday evening I promised a look at some of my old terrain, while it's now looking a bit worse for wear I have  great plans for it just like the piece above I tidied up at the beginning of the blog. So today I'm going to look at the first piece I have my eyes on improving. Read on to see how it currently looks and for some of my planned improvements.

This was one the the earliest of my large buildings, at the time I was on a bit of a polystyrene packaging high, sadly it now looks quite dated for me with many typical sins of terrain building I'm guilty of.
Sins include 
  • Too much texture. It's common when sand texturing buildings to do the whole thing. I now think it takes away from a sense of scale since concrete is just not that rough. 
  • Gloopy paint. At £2.40 a pot for GW paint and the large surface areas means reverting to cheaper house paints for terrain, in some places it's just on to thick in particular the railings.
  • Lack of detail. Need more, posters and little details to really finish the peace and give a sense of scale since the building currently feel like a larger than 28mm scale.
  • Cardboard floor. After many years they are getting rough and battered now.
Part of me seriously wonders it I wouldn't be better just scrapping it, but ever since picking up Gamesworkshop's City terrain I've had a plan. 
  1. Rip out the internal floors
  2. Cut out the damaged front and build replacement from plastic GW terrain.
  3. Clean up the texture
  4. Fix new front and floor in place.
  5. Add detail 

With the eCraft addition to my tools I'm realy looking forward to getting started I just need to work out a colour scheme on the pipe section and finish my Orks.
Just writing this post has given me some inspiration so I'll have to see how things get on these coming weeks, but until then I have plenty more old terrain pieces to fill in between updates.  


  1. Another element that would really help them - and has long been on my to-do list with my stuff, is to paint the ground a different colour to the walls. Even if it's just a much darker grey it'll make it all look a lot better.


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