Shot to the Heart

Well it's a day late but I hope you can see I may have go into a little more detail than intended, So as promised on Wednesday today I'm sharing the whole unit of black legion all finished and done. since last time I showed anything it was just a bunch of bases with two finished, things have moved on a fair bit since. See how much after the break.

As you can see the whole squad is finished, so let me introduce you to 'The Heart Rippers'.
Based on a pre heresy formation the Heart rippers are a Seeker Squad carrying out rapid strikes with bolter and plasma gun to eliminate enemy leaders or important targets. 

Brother Champion Bel Zaidu 
Formally a Word Bearer of the Foresworn Bel Zaidu was hated by many of the legion as his recruitment was post heresy and disenchanted with his legion's infighting, the final straw came with the loss at the battle of eagles gate, joining up with the black legion during the withdrawal he and two surviving squad members defected to the forces of the Despoiler.

A Zealot follower of the chaos gods he leads the Heart Rippers in their role bringing death to the followers of the Corpse God.

The Blessed One
Born in the womb of Warsmith Honsu's Daemonculaba The Blessed One was one of many Iron warriors in the Warsmith's force. 
Assigned to duties off world in the failed assault on Calth The blessed one along with a few other Iron warriors retreated to the Maelstrom.
Not long after the small band made their way towards the eye of terror to reunite with the Iron warriors, however they encountered the black legion first and when ordered to submit to the Warmaster's will the leading warrior refused to bend his knee. 
Moments later his head vanished in the glare of plasma fire, his body along with his second in command crashing to the ground, as the smoke cleared the new born astartes having placed his plasma gun down was kneeling, head bowed in respect.

Recognising the daemonic aura surrounding the Iron warrior Bel Zaidu stood forward claiming him and naming him The Blessed One in honor of the gods touch upon him.

With his daemonic birth The Blessed one is gifted with remarkable healing properties making him the most suitable for carrying the squads Plasma Gun Heart Burner who's somewhat volatile machine spirit has caused the death of a number of former owners.

It is said that Zikar-Sin is totally blind and tastes the air to find his prey, though they say a lot of things about Zikar who is never seen without his armour on. Like Bel Zaidu he was a Word Bearer of the Foresworn joining the Black Legion at the same time he has served as Bal Zaidu's second ever since. 
A gifted marksman the rumours of his blindness are likely untrue, though his only obvious gift clearly grants him heightened sensations, tasting the air of battle his shivers of pleasure and ecstatic cries clearly mark him out as a follower of the dark prince.

Escalus Kolas 
Born on an unforgiving and brutal hive world he joined a gang at a young and before being arrested and shipped off to a penal world. Life as a prisoner suited the young psychopath so when the black legion attack came month later he was at the front of the revolt, killing and slaying the guards and Imperial staff. Shipped back to his homeworld in the hold of of a legion slave ship he and thousands of former prisoners were released upon the planets populous. 
As one of only a few survivors and of an appropriate age he recruited into the Black Legion through it's usual brutal and Treacherous methods. Surviving against the odds Escalus is now a fully fledged legionary fighting the long war against those so willing to lock him up and forget about him. 

Shabriri was recruited by the black legion at the same time as Escalus a gang member that rose up in rebellion when the Legion arrived surviving the bloodshed. As a killer on his home world his MO was to stab his victims eyes out, during the rebellion his tastes escalated once he managed to 'acquire' an old autogun. His skill at arms became apparent as a sniper during the invasion, since becoming a marine Shabriri likes nothing better than a well placed bolt shell through the eye socket as it explodes against the back of the skull. 
The third and final former Word Bearer, his name literally translates as Keeper of Secrets, Tes'Hazzar's duty is to record the units target before battle and locate it before they strike. Many claim that the stone in his helmet is that of an eldar farseer with grants him visions of the future aiding the unit in locating their next victim.
He also recorded Bel Zaidu's sermons, the units deeds and research into the realm of chaos.

So thats it, the full six. I definitely got carried away with the back stories and spent far more time researching names and coming up with ideas (including some for the remaining 4 squad members) but its been a lot of fun to do and even game me a plan for the units use on the field. 
Next week should see a much simpler Tuesday/Wednesday post as I cover some of the progress on my Orks. Till than all comments welcome as always and TTFN.


  1. Great back stories and names! They'll perform twice as good now because of it. (Would make an excellent kill team group as well!)

    1. Thanks. I did spend a lot more time on that than intended but it was fun, I've had the idea for 'The Blessed One' for ages and the idea that his gifts make him 'holy' in the eyes of his squad mates lead to the Word Bearer connection, the rest kinda fell into place after that as I found appropriate names (Like Shabriri) or looked at the finished model (Escalus Kolas).
      I was trying to give the idea of a non heresy era unit too, as survivors from 10,000 years should probably be chosen and looking at recruitment processes has been interesting.


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