Crashed and Burned.

I Spent some time last night working on the Gorka(Morka)Naught and assembling the main body to help give me a sense of scale and positioning for the new arm. Once I had chance to compare my Kustom Mega-Kannon with the assembled Deffstorm mega-shoota I managed to finish up the arm using some greystuff which I left to set.
I should get some more pictures tonight and get a bit of a review of the kit for tomorrow, in the meantime today I've got another quick picture of an old terrain piece after the break. 

Made many years ago out of a plastic bottle and bits of toilet roll, this crashed ship had a bit of a facelift a few years later.
I'm currently contemplating how to make it better like the rest, but to be honest I think to make it as good as I could, I'd be better off replacing it and starting from scratch. Since it has sentimental value and there is something classic (as in Rogue trader/2nd ed quality) in it's appearance I'm going to leave well alone and just use it with the crashed Aquilla dataslate.


  1. I still like that crashed ship, as you say, rogue trader style is good!


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