Finished, Dread Tober 5

Welcome to Jurassic Park. Daemon Knight 4

So close it's just silly. Dread Tober 4

Devil in the detail, Khornate Daemon Knight and Dread Tober 3

chim chimney, Loft of not so Shameful (part 4)

Dreadt Tober 2

I like the way you move. Knight of the Black Ruin

Dread Tober

Loft of not so shameful (part 3)

So that Knight I've been Hinting at?

So whats in the works?

Beefing up the Guard, Tyrant Guard,

State of the nids.

Magic rings, 32mm Base rings.

Loft of shame Part 2

Loft of shame Part 1

A lament to the Fallen.

Post 100. April check in part 2, Devilgaunts and Lictor.

April check in part 1. Malenthrope and a Tyrant 100%

A Monday at Wayland Games with Nids and Wolves

Tyrant finished, March check in.

End of February check in.

Malenthrope Done

End of Jan hobby check in.

Amera Future Zone Factory (Z233) Review

Feeling Peckish

Yay presents.

Experiments continue.