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So it's now been quite some time since I last posted. Last night I set out with a task in mind, while I've not been idle hobby wise I rarely manage to get as far as I want. Last night I was determined not to fail again so I sat down to paint the shoota boyz bases. Read on to see how I got on.

So I managed to get complete them and am mostly happy.
The basic mud was produced using my standard set of three artist acrylics, though they are much the same as the old GW paints 'Scorched Brown', 'Beastial Brown' and 'Snakebite leather' 

More importantly painting these also gave me the chance to try out the two GW technical paints for rust effects, Ryza Rust and Typhus corrosion.
By painting the metal work up in my usual method, GW's 3 metals then Nuln Oil wash and some agrax earthshade in the recesses. 
Then trying out the new paints.

To be honest the Typhus corrosion wasn't as gritty as I expected so I'm not sure it's that noticeable. 
Dry brushing the Ryza rust didn't quite give the effect I was expecting either and I expect I could have got just as good an effect from any orange.

I'll need to have a bit more of a play, maybe mix up the Typhus corrosion a bit more incae the texture has sunk, and try out Tail of Painters advice regarding stippling for the Ryzer Rust.

Still they will do for bases and look good from a distance, at least they are painted and I've managed a post. will have to try and finish some of the part compleat posts I have kicking around and schedule them up to buy me some time to do more. 
Ta ta for now.


  1. Orks! Woo hoo! Liking the bases a lot. The green really pops.

    The ryza rust is a bit tricky, but I like it. I've also fallen in love with the necron dry brush compound. I used to boltgun, badab black wash (or devlan mud for orks), chainmail/mithril highlight. Now I just brush the necron compound on, and it does most of the work for me.

    I think the type of brush you use with the dry compounds is especially important. It has to be extremely stiff, with short bristles.

    1. Definitely think your right. I'll be playing with it more as I await my tablescape boards to come so I can get it right for them.
      Thanks for reading.


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