2013 how did I do

The beginning of last year saw me launch Forged at a painting desk with 4 goals in mind:

  • 1000 points painted and table top ready Ork army using only models I own.
  • Make a dent in the piles of half built terrain stored in the loft.
  • Run along with Lester the Frozen Vengeance campaign for 40k based on the crusade of fire book.
  • Resist buying stuff till I've made some progress towards my current armies and painting goals
So the big question is how have I done. 

First up is

1000 points painted list.

As it stands I've reached around 700 points. 
Beginning the year I barely had 50 points done with a few boyz finished and Grubgul nearly done, quickly finishing the unit to 20 strong in January.

So in total this year I've painted 
  • 15 Slugga Boyz
  • Da Krab (Def Dread)
  • 10 Stormboyz including nob
  • Dakka Jet
  • Big Mek
  • 5 Shoota Boyz
I've not been totally ignoring conversions and scratch builds, as well as a few purchases I've built
  • 3 Big gunz
  • Box of Grotz
  • BFG Ork Battle ship
  • Big Mek
  • 3 Kill kans + arm rebuilds on 2 old ones
  • 1 Def Dread + weapon rebuild on Da Krab
  • 80% finished building 3 Ork Kroozers
By and large with everything I've been busy with this year it's not a bad start. My Orks are much more complicated to paint than my Tyranids so not really surprised it's taking a while to get through them. While a little disappointed I didn't finish the full 1k I can't complain as it gave me the freedom to change things around a little after some games.


I Started the year well on this one managing to sort out a load of old stuff ready for ebay. I also finished a big hill that had been sat in the loft just painted black (which I later gave to Dan as a birthday present)

Since then I've done very little with terrain, mostly due to the Kick starter I backed for a tablescape table that will give me enough tiles for an eight foot by eight foot square table. Until it arrives I'm putting terrain on hold. That way I can paint the table and then make terrain to match.

Frozen Vengeance campaign

The most successful of my goals. between the group we have played many games which is the ultimate goal, for various reasons the campaign has quietened down somewhat at the moment but as soon as we get the next stage ready I'm sure we can kick it off again.

For the first turn things went remarkably well for me, since then I've not done so well and will hopeful get some reports up to share the latest games.

Still everyone has enjoyed it so far so wait and see how the Cruxius Reach survives the Ork invasion as the Imperial forces are at each other's throats.

Not buy things

Not done so well on this one but to be honest I could have done a lot worse. At least almost everything is assembled and usable and has even been used in a game.
  • Grot box (built, used as Gun Crew)
  • Gazgul Thrakkar (still in box waiting conversion to Uzbog Ironside)
  • 3 Killa Kans (Built and undercoated, used at least once)
  • 1 Def Dread (Built and undercoated, used once
  • Codex Chaos Deamons (Read)
  • Warhammer Armies Warriors of chaos (Read and built list)
  • assorted conversion bits (Used of intended purpose or being used on active models) 

Looking forward

For 2014 I'm going to keep things simple again. By and large 2013 wasn't a bad year hobby wise. so for to 2014 I shall keep to slimier targets based on what I own but pushing myself a bit.
  • Complete the 1k Ork army.
  • With the new tyranid book, develop a 1k nid list and paint it.
  • STOMPA and orks to 2k
  • Paint the Tablescape Tables
  • Work on some terrain to go with them.
  • Run the second phase of the Frozen Vengeance campaign.
  • Resist buying stuff unless the purchase furthers my goals 
So thanks for reading and we'll see how I do in 2014.