Kunning yet brutal

So Just over two weeks ago I posted up the finished and undercoated mega kannon, since then family issues (2 year old with Chickenpox) and work hours have realy put a downer on getting things done, however this weekend past I managed to grab a little bit of hobby time to progress with the Kannon mount and some other bits. So for Orky goodness read on. 

With some kunning thinking I've managed to replace the power cable running into the body of the Naut, and thanks to magnets at the join between the gun and cable it has full movement for lining up shots.
The only thing left to do is Magnetise the arm/shoulder joint to ensure that the arm wont fall off. 
With the components completed I was inspired by Dakka user Clang's scratch built Mek Gunz. and decided to build a chassi for the gun, that way I can always use it separately in games where i'm using the Gorkanaut or don't have the points for either.   

The chassi is mostly completed and just needs the magnetised gun mount and detailing with cables, more rivets and  a control panel.

Hopefully I'll get another post this week with an update for my Black Legion test models but for now all comments welcome. TTFN


  1. Lovely progress. Can't wait to see how this all looks painted up!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, loving your stompa you should so take it into the next battle.
      Last night I did manage a small amount of work on the Mek Gun Mount which should allow me to move whatever gun it's carrying and point it at the target.
      Hope to have it finished tonight and will only need a few minor details after that.


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