Kan we build it?

So on Tuesday I looked at how much I've done towards finishing my 1k ork list. With so few models left to paint it's spurred me on to the next one, who can just be made out at the back of the picture above. 
 So this evening I got a little drastic and dismantled my first Kan to make painting easier. 
As you can see I also added base detail and have most of the base coat applied.  Unfortunately a slight incident occurred last night and my daylight bulb got smashed.  Fortunately being summer there is enough daylight to paint a little bit each evening so I hope to at least get this chap finished in good time I might even use the time to get some more posts done.

Having played 7th against Lester on Tuesday we really enjoyed the maelstrom of war mission and I took the opportunity to photo some of my old city terrain that I plan to update, so expect to see some of my gaming history cropping up soon. 


  1. The waaaagh got into me last week and I started painting my own Killa Kans this week so I can't wait to see your progress on it.

    PS : such a nice kit for positioning and have fun with it :)

    1. Thank you. My only issue with the Kit is It's a bit of a shame the kit only has one of each option, this one is the one with a scratch built Grotzooka which was a lot of fun to play with so silver lining.
      As I paint more I'll get some closeups but I did show the unpainted pics off a while ago.

    2. Agree. Back in the day I bought a group with three grotzooka's as it was so difficult to find them individually. I found if you run kan's and dreads, the combination usually gets you all the rokkits/blasta's you need. You just tend to lack the zooka's. (which are great on one unit, but I feel stink across multiple units of kans)


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