Whats in the Pipeline

So the other day I shared this little teaser. I've put my Orks on a little hold for now as I want to test out my new toy and also get a solid recipe for rust that I can apply to all the boyz bases and my new game boards. 
Annoyingly I painted up a batch of bases and have forgotten how I did it....
Not an uncommon problem for my painting and one I like using the blog as a record to help avoid. 

Over the last couple of nights I managed get some more done on the terrain piece I'm using to test out the Die cutter read on after the break to see how it's coming along.

After a somewhat difficult search for inspiration (thanks to poor eyesight caused by a migraine) I found something to get the old brain ticking and began work based on this. 
Industrial Pipes from miniaturescenery.com
The basic shape has now come together and I left it last night with the glue drying. The aim to be the end of an industrial pipe with walkways along the top. I intend for it to be modular and fully integratable with my necromunda terrain as well as 40k. 
The piece will be a right angle with a Large pipe section opposite the die cut bulkhead section. Once I've completed this I'll make a second similar piece and by the use of magnets I hope to be able to fit them together with an interconnecting walkway running across the top.
I've also taken this opportunity to play with some of the techniques used on The Necromundicon at 15p for 5 cheap disposable razors I decided to give them a go for extra detail and I quite like the effect so far.
I'm currently considering options for the walkway along with a suitable railing. While I want railings to aid with cover (railing death) I also want to ability to run walkways to and from this piece of terrain. With the addition of ladders and a second patching bulkhead print to the back I'll soon have a good idea of the effectiveness of the cut card pieces and a test bed for rust effects. The only real question is whether I should use the same thickness card or try something a little thicker for the second bulkhead. I may go with the same for now so it matches but make some other designs to play will else were.
As an Idea of scale the bulkhead section measures 3 inches square which is the same size an old necromunda bulkhead. I'll probably raise the walkway up a little and detail the top of the block a little, and it's tempting to use clear plastic for at least some of the walkway to have extra details beneath.

For now though I'm happy and hope to get a little more done tonight and across the weekend so wish me luck and as always comments welcome.