Kommandos assemble

As with all Ork's Kommano's offer a lot of scope for conversions, serious or hilarious such as deminstrated by Kleiner Zorn in a post on the Waaagh.com or the better know example he gave as insperation on his blog.
For me I want a mix of both but to start the ball rolling I finished The grand Belly ripper himself Gitsnik Gutspilla and present him after the break.
Tuesday saw me digging through my assorted bitz boxes to find as much stuff to add to the kommandos as I could. This means I can load up the whole mob with stuff and arm them to the teeth.

Gitsnik started life as an Ork Nob from 'Assault on Black Reach' and with the addition of a Kromlech Backpack he started to take form, repositioning the arm and digging out the beginning of a power klaw scratchbuild came next.
Clipping the topknot off on the the nob heads along with tidying up the fangs sorted out a great head, I love the eyepatch and adding a cigar was a no brainer. 

I did spend a huge amount of time wednesday sculpting the beret to get it just right, hopefully the process should speed up as I start to batch sculpt them or even try out the Instant Mold I have lying around. 

Even though I'm going for a more serious unit than Zorns and it's predecessor the Ogre Kit supplied some of the final details for me.
I love the idea that Gitsnik demands a Grot servant but can't risk it talking to much or getting in the way when the going gets tough.

The power Klaw was finished off with a nice big glyph and bit's from Chaos Knight Lances.
I may yet add a little detail to the Klaw it won't be much more than a quick tidy up of the grey stuff and maybe a wire or two. SO he's basically done and ready to undercoat.

I managed to Photo the next two Black Legionnaires so will aim to have them posted up tuesday and hopefully from then I'm considering trying to stick to a two post a week schedule on tuesdays and fridays.

But for now I how you like Gitsnik Gutspilla and all feedback welcome as always. 


  1. That's a great claw Dan. Beret looks spot on. The twitchy part of me wants you to drill the shoota barrel :). Good use of bits though. I always find the ork kommandos so funny, because they couldn't possibly be stealthy with all that kit :).


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