Pipe terrain finished construction.

Last time I posted about the pipe, it was well on it's way and just needed detail work. Well as I type this the first base coat layer has been applied and the construction work finished, while some more paint has been added since these pictures I'll save that for later. Read on to see the completed construction.

The most complex decision revolved around appropriate handrails, I needed to provide some minor cover so models aren't totally exposed, yet be able to connect walkways should I want to.
With a fair amount of pondering, comparisons of bitz, net searches along with some trial and error I'm now happy with the results.

Starting with the section round the valve I knew I real wanted the possibility of having walkways attached to this end, using parts from the Cities of Death worked well for corner posts and then movement tray edge pieces make the attachment points for walkways and the magnetised rails.

The magnetised railings use parts from a Robogear Platformer set with some minor tweaking to get the angles right, 2mm by 1 mm round magnets even fit tightly into holes in the components.

With the rails magnetised I can easily run walkways off from this piece, so very happy.

For the walkway over the pipe I knocked up some permanent fixed handrails from styrene rods and girder pieces, while these are fixed in place I didn't want to overdo it.

As for the Imperial Aquilla
I think it looks great and am really looking forward to using the die cutter for even more complex designs.

I've also found a great solution for quick rivets which I'll be talking about soon, but for today thanks for reading and let me know what you think.


  1. These look great! Really nice work!

  2. Looks good! Looking forward to fighting over it :)


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