Yes We Kan

Previously I talked about being inspired by Bill King's use of colour. For me it was the faded red and the use of green that caught my eye since green and red are my chosen colours for vehicles.
After a trip to GW and a dig through my older paints I've now finished my first Killa Kan so see how he's come out after the break.

I am very happy with how this has turned out, infact I think it seriously overshadows both my Dakka jet and Da Krab to the extent that I'm going to have to repaint both at some point (after all my Orks are done) 

The Green has turned out beautifully thanks to an old pot of GW Vile Green and a tube of System 3 Emerald green. The red is simple enough as I just use Mephiston red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and Wild Rider Red. 

Followed by washing the red with Reikland Flesh shade, the green (and some red) with Agrax Earthshade and a little nuln oil as I wash the steel. 
I then had fun with Typhus Corrosion followed by sponging on some old scorched earth and beastial brown. Next step is to use a brush to add the chips and a metallic texture to the weathered areas (Leadbelcher and Runfang steel) after which I went to town with an old stiff brush and stippled on enough Rysa Rust to make the orange clear (and not fade to brown.) this was then finished off with a little more metallic dry brushing to add the depth back and make it look worn and used as opposed to discarded. 

I think the weathering has come out great and while there are a lot of steps each one takes mere moments to do so it goes pretty quickly. 

As the unit name is 'The Rusty Klankers' I used a fair bit more than I plan to on some of the better looked after vehicles as can be seen on the Grotzooka.

I do love the technical paints they brilliant, giving great effects easily,  all the copper and brass had a some Nihilakh Oxide applied and I love how well it works. I even found some space for some 'Blood for the blood god' and more amazingly didn't get carried away.
All in all I'm dead chuffed, Since I painted the Kan in bitz I know I can replicate the effect.
With that finished my next task is to work on the Gorka/Morkanaut so expect to see progress on that over the coming week. 

Todays post is a little late so I may leave the friday post till Saturday again depending on what time I finish work tomorrow, or I may finish it monday and try for a sneeky 3 posts next week. WHo knows but until then TTFN 


  1. Great job matey. The rusting reds really do give that dirt encrusted feel.

    1. Thanks. I think this is the best paint job I've ever done.


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