Say hello to my Little Friend

Last time I managed a post I shared this chap for my black legion. Since then I've finished a second fella for the squad and made some progress on the rest. It would have been more but I spent most of sunday swinging a sledgehammer at concrete leaving me with crab hands that couldn't hold a paint brush comfortably so I've been playing Kerbal Space program instead.
Pic of the new guy after the jump.
Taking onboard comments from Dakka I've had a bit of a play with the base on this model with some rusty spikes, imperial ruins and an impaled skull. I may play with some brown shades for blood stains on future models.

This guy has had some minor conversion work as the helmet turned out to be the same as the first legionary and I needed to get the older style backpack to fit. 

He also has more gold on him thanks to the embellished shoulder guard.
I'm finding it much harder to photo black models and I may even have to dig out my wife's digital camera and a better backdrop since the white tables give too much contrast.
Until then here's both of the Legionaries side by side and as usual all comments welcome.