Quick Distraction

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When I was growing up my Mum was always telling me a change is as good as a break, now she was usually talking about taking a break from homework to do housework but the principle is sound and a good one to take when feeling a bit burnt out painting an army. Read on to see what I picked up.

Just over two weeks ago while looking at an old project of mine my interest in the torso section of the Exocrine was sparked.
While I'll cover that project at a later date once ebay has been scoured for parts I decided that the best way to get a look at the parts was to pick up a kit I wanted anyway.

So in a few evenings over just two week I've fully painted and based this beast, it's been refreshing and I've enjoyed the ease of painting nids (mostly with realy big brushes) and since managed some more on my latest batch of shoota boyz (finishing the first one monday night) and got a little more paint on the pipe terrain.

So my mum was right, a change is as good as a break and i'll be getting more done over the next week on older projects.

Opinions, as alway are welcome and I'm slowly getting posts set to schedule meaning I should manage a more regular posting schedule.