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Been a bit quiet lately due to a nice holiday in germany visiting my parents and then a busy couple of weeks back at work. One interesting point from the holiday was visiting some of the places you can see from Mum and Dads flat, in the spurs of the Odenwald mountain range, Frankenstein Castle
and Auerbach castle.

While away I only managed a couple of evenings of hobby time despite taking paints and models however since being back I have managed some hobby time. Mostly this has been experimenting but I have some results to share after the break.
Greg Hess over at mentioned how he likes to paint the bases first as there's "Nothing like having a bunch of cool bases sitting around with no models to put on them to get your juices flowing!" This has got me thinking. 

Now, I have a habit of pulling models apart to paint and have found that starting a model isn't to bad usually getting the main torso and legs done quickly, but slowing down for the more fiddly bits.
I found myself doing the base once I have something to glue to it as it realy helps to make it feel like progress when you have the largest part of the model finished and assembled but I like what greg suggests especially with large models where just doling the body takes considerable time. 

For my Black Legion test squad I've been doing a bit of both. While on holiday I took some bit's with me and added some details to the bases and then added sand when I got back. 
One of the reasons I've not managed any real updates is because I've been doing a lot of experimenting with colours and trying to chose the right ones for another related project (can you guess which one?) as such actual progress has been slow, but with colour experiments I've now fully painted the whole squads bases and here are the results.    
As you can see I've also used these as an opportunity to play with more technical paints, having picked up 'Blood for the Blood God' last week with my white dwarf and Nihilakh Oxide a while ago.
Since the basing scheme for my Black legion will be desecrated imperial ruins I went to town a little with these test models to try some ideas out such as this eagle covered in blood.

Lastly following on from Greg's advice I have this base for my first killa can, it's been done a while but I've been distracted and not touched the Kan much, still the base is definitely glaring at me to get on with some orks. However I realy need a solid recipe to do my vehicles that is quicker than the Dakka Jet and more weathered than 'Da Krab' so thats the next batch of experiment to do.

Sadly experiments don't realy lend well to posts and with work likely to be hectic till at least January I just hope I can manage at least a post every couple of weeks.

Until next time.


  1. You have got to pickup some nurgle rot. If you like blood or nihilakh oxide, you are going to flip out over nurgle rot. It is beyond fun. Honestly the whole problem with the technical paints is restraining yourself. I almost bought three more pots of nurgle rot just to throw all over my models...must restrain the kid inside.

    That killa kan base looks so wonderful. I'd dirty up the rubber on the wheel a bit though (maybe some grey dry brush + wash?). Looks a bit clean in the photo. But then photos never tell our mini's full story!

    That grate and metal is awesome!


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