Gorka(or possibly Morka)naught

Sunday was my birthday and while I only got about 3 hours sleep and spent the day with a killer hangover it was a good day (Epic night out well worth the hangover). Gav dropped over in the afternoon after I'd got home and made the day even better with the new Ork walker as a present. Thank you man it's such a cool kit. 
So with painting in the evening made difficult by lighting options last night I decided to try and tackle the options for magnetising the kit, read on to see how I got on.

The starting point has to be the main gun, both kits use the same close combat arm and simple magnets will cover any other weapons options and the Kustom Force Field.
Looking at the four core components and taking into account the ammo feed it's clear the only way to magnetise the kits is make it so the two halves of the gun's body can come apart.
There is are two flaws with this,

  1. It will leave the join between the two halves far too visible for my liking. 
  2. I don't want a jigsaw puzzle every time I want to use the model. 
There is a much better more interesting solution, the gun body supplied with the kit is well suited for the Deffstorm mega-shoota with details such as the Shell ejection point's and Ork gunner position. Additionally the Main barrel is an integral component to the gun's body. 

However the main barrel and tailpiece of the kustom mega-kannon don't rely on any of the other components. As with all Ork creations it's realy not difficult to make a replacement gun body and mount even a piece of 22mm PVC pipe would make an excellent start point.  Now me being me with a shed of components for steampunk props I had something much better in mind. 
The motor from an old Black and decker Multi Tool which has been kicking around for some time. With the addition of a few bits it's already well on it's way to a full replacement arm, Some robo Gear parts are already shaping up well as a new arm mount and by concentrating on the kustom mega-kannon I can have the worky bitz far more Teky.  
For me rebuilding the whole arm is far more fun than just faffing with magnets and I can't wait to see what others in the community have been up to.
Hopefully I should get some more done tonight and maybe even finish the arm and start on the main body. For now though any comments welcome and I hope this proves useful.


  1. Love the conversion idea. I actually don't like the mega blasta. It looks really weedy compared to the mega storm. I was thinking of watching for one of the old forgeworld zaap guns and using that instead.

    I've seen one fellow use a 25mm(28mm whatever it is, standard mini) base to create a back plate for the magnet, then you don't need to use the mega storm as the backing plate, and swap the two back and forth.

    1. Having now seen the leaks for the Mek Gunz I reckon having this gun able to be used as either will be interesting and it's not like I don;t have a tonne of parts that I could use for a chassis.


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