Paint plans

This weekend has been very constructive for me, I bought a new mattress and got it home safely strapped to my car roof and sorted out the front garden. Now feeling battered and bruised but happy as I have coffee.
Unfortunately I haven't had chance to get anything do on my boyz, I have had a little idea on how to paint the pipe and storing that inspiration in a single post seems like a good idea.

There were several reasons for making the pipe walkway, testing the Die cutter being one but setting me up to go on and sort of a loft full of terrain being another.

Part of this is to nail down a solid colour scheme so that I can avoid having a gray city table. having my colours worked out before picking up a brush will speed things up no end.

Since I want to use my plastic GW terrain to detail my older buildings made from polystyrene my basic plan was to have gray concrete for the majority but use the plastic parts as the colour along with posters and the like. The trick is deciding on what to do for the colour. 

This all feels like deja vu, when Dan got back into the hobby a couple of years back he picked up an administratum building, having brought it round to assemble he 'accidentally' left it round for a week or two. Since I fancied having a go and we'd discussed various options I carried out a fair bit of research then.

Two colours stood out at the time, red and green, since he was looking at Darkangles we decided to go with green and after grabbing a large brush and some paint one afternoon later I had knocked this up.
A basic black undercoat then drybrush a dark green, (Artists acrylic 'Hookers Green' which is basically the same as the old dark angles green) some detail work was roughly applied to the skull filled panels and copper was base coated. For the base I used the old GW terracotta and I think it compliments the scheme well.

However since Dan was lilly to continue with green for his terrain I wan;t to look else where. I found this example in red and I really like it. There is just one drawback, I want my scrapyard table to have a lot of rusty reds and I also want any rust weathering in my city to stand out. Not wanting to OD on painting red terrain I was a little stuck.
Until Garfy over at tale of painters posted up his completed ruins to replace the 2nd ed card ruins.
Garfy's Walls from Tale of Painters
I really like how instead of the usual "dry brush everything one colour, pick out some detail" method he's used two very definite colours for the main panels and then the arches and details. Not only that but I'm liking the colours too, so where as this was planned to be a post grouping some ideas to work on, I've actualy come to a decision about the next step along with this handy paint guide

Anyway I highly recommend looking at the series where he is painting up the whole 2nd edition box set as he really brings some life to those one piece models especially the gretchin.
I'm definitely lookingforward to seeing the whole 2nd ed box set painted and I hope you enjoy the links.