Loft of not so shameful (part 3)

So last time I visited the loft of shame I shared the second in a series of Old half finished Mordhiem pieces, I've also talked about how I've managed to get a lot done during my Wife's holiday. One of these jobs has been to revisit some of this terrain and after the break I'm going to share the results.

This was the single largest building I created for the table and is intended to be a pair of houses side by side. At the point we stopped playing it was in drastic need of some floor boards, though I had begun to tell a story with it.
I wanted the ground floor to be inaccessible both as line of sight blocking and to encourage people to go up and over. For the brick build ground floor I hand made all of the bricks out of clay, which toke and age to do, then followed my usual practice of using chopped up bits of wood and matchsticks for the windows and door frames, at that point I decided to try to hide the interior as I wouldn't be able to do much painting inside.

So grabbing a whole bunch of off cuts I went about boarding it up, once it looked suitably secure I added a bunch more. Something horrible clearly happened here and I have plans to paint keep out signs, warning and warding markings along with prayer scrolls etc.

So that's what the building looked like a few weeks back, we used to use it with ladders and walkway bits instead of floors so it has at least seen some table time. With such a simple step to complete and some time to do it I dug out the lollipop sticks and PVA then trimmed and glued a few at a time between other tasks.

Saturday evening just gone gave me ample time to finish this step while my Wife watched Strictly and now it looks like this....

Even though there are still many stages left before paint gets applied the added floors realy help bring it to life. Not only that but they make it so much more usable in games, if I get chance to play any time soon.

Even though there's a tonne of work left to do I'm happy with getting some progress, I've even been able to add the first details with ripped up and damaged floor boards, along with a broken beam which will hopefully allow access for hands to move models around.

Throughout the build on these I've realy tried to push realism and make it look like these where one living breathing houses, I'll be adding an external stairway to the back of the smaller house and I'm assuming that the stairs for the larger building used to be at the back, and intend to add the first step or two later.
Along with access I'm going to be adding fireplaces and want to find some good ruined furniture to scatter round.

The original access is one thing But I have also tried to be practical for model placement, in the years since the building was ruined it's probably been searched by treasure hunters and fought over many times, so like any good Mordhime terrain I've added scrappy ladders and access across the levels.

They have worked quite well though I might add in a few extra 'rungs' and bits to help give metal models or ones with larger bases something more stable to stand on.

The next stage is to start filling in all the walls with slats, I'm begun on the second floor of the smaller building, Like the ground floor this area is going to be fully blocked off. I'll be keeping the side walls blank bar a little damage to better fit alongside other buildings on a street. The front will have more barred up windows, while the back will have a window and doorway, also barred.

Once I've finished this stage I'll probably look at the stairway on the back so it can be used in games, at that point if not before I'll probably have to take a break from it if I want to progress on anything else, like that Knight.

Next time I'll be sharing my opening thoughts on a community challenge I've joined for October, but until then I'll leave you with one last picture of the building, and maybe something else is lurking in there that could ruin the treasure hunters day.


  1. This is next level terrain

    1. Thanks. It's time consuming but actually not hard. Most of the orrigional stuff was done while we played mordhiem and I was waiting for a table.

  2. Wow, that is stunning! I have been wanting to do a Mordheim table for some time, but space is and issue so I've been holding off. This has me wanting to get it started, lol.

    1. It's crazy easy to do this way and realy cheep. Expecially if you can get the wood as scrap. Once this and another building are finished building I may knock up tutorial.

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