Welcome to Jurassic Park. Daemon Knight 4

So last time I featured the Knight their was a gaping hole in it's carapace, some would and have said this was a drastic and bold move that takes a lot of guts. Well not really more a matter of picking up the clippers and letting yourself get carried away.
See what happened next after the break.

So I had a plan and have already talked about Skrundle's Knight, knowing that I wanted to do similar I then had a stoke of genius if I do say so myself. After a good search round I found these little beauties
I think I was inspired by the wooden build a dinosaur skeleton kits I made as a kid and see from time to time. While a terrorgheist kit would have worked well spending that sort of money on just it's spine is pushing it a bit. I've already brought a Chaos Warshrine and Orge Thundertusk kit specially for the project, at least they have many bits that will make models I can use in my chaos age of Sigmar army.
These three dinos set me back a grand total of 
I think they make a great supply of bits for many chaos projects, so I would be mean to keep that to myself. 
They came from a simple search for model Dinosaur Skeletons and that lead me to SuntekStore
At less than £6 for the three there's free worldwide shipping and a choice of currencies, not only that but they have loads more pics on the website including some rough measurements. 

Once they arrived I got a bunch of photos, I think the spines are all great for different builds but it doesn't stop there.
I've already used offcuts of the ribs for spines on the Kight's right leg, the tails are great and could be used for more spine like details, as weapons such as lasher tendrils or Hellbrute scourges with some bending and god forbid even as a tail for some beasty or another.

The Stegosaurus plates are probably better cut off and replaced with spikes, but could make great armour plates, maybe even on Nids. Look at that tail with a spiked end.

The Femur bone is about the same length at a knight's thigh and will likely in the future form part of a future conversion, maybe Nurgles' knight.

The triceratops has just as much potential, big horns and armoured head piece, and nich chunky leg bones. The hardest part was choosing which one would go under the knife first as a donor.

After much deliberation it was the triceratops that I felt best suited the shape of the Knight, after some fiddling a lot of clipping here's how it fits.

After this there was some slight adjustments to make and then I used green stuff to fix the piece in place, not particularly tidy but just enough to hold the spine to the carapace. The next step will be to add the sculpted layer.

I don't have a picture of it in the current state as it's not that different to the one above.

Hopefully tonight will see the Hellbrute finished except for it's base, unless I'm really lucky, then I can get back to sculpting more on the legs and back. I've also started work on a shoulder but I'll progress that a bit and share it together as its not much to go on at the moment.
Next week should see a Hellbrute showcase and until then TTFN.


  1. Hah ! Yes! I used that triceratops tail to augment my helldrake. This knight is going to look brilliant.

    1. Don't suppose you have links to pictures, would love to see how that turned out.
      I just need to get this hellbrute finished so I can continue on the knight.


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