Tyrant finished, March check in.

So it's been nearly a whole month without managing a post, dang. Being on holiday and then ill has knocked to wind out of my sails but I have plenty to share even though I've not finished as much as I would have liked.
Last time I shared the paint table shot above and since then I've progressed a fair bit and even managed a game, read on after the break to see some of my progress.

Before packing to go to Wales this was how things looked, everything had it's blue basecoat and first highlight, WHile away I managed to get the second highlight done across the whole batch and now have begun to apply the final two to nearly half of the Stealers and Gaunts.

In the meantime I played a game Monday night against Lester's Space Wolves, Highly enjoyable game and I've a few pics to share in a coming post, in the mean time it prompted me to tack this guys together.

Now there was a unit of 9 grey there a moment before and later in the game Harald Deathwolf came to play along with his poodle body guard. Lash whips are awesome allowing Hiveguard to strike at I7 is brilliant. As a reward for it's performance last night saw me in front of my painting desk finishing the Tyrant so only the base needs doing.
I may look into purchasing a base for him as the original one died and the one he's on is a slimline one and a bit flimsy for a big metal model.

For now though I'm very happy and just wish I had the time to finish up the rest of the Hobby challenge models, especially as I only have two months to go and haven't even assembled anything from February onwards yet.

I have made a start though and next week plan to share my Hive guard WIPs as they deserve to to be finished after helping the Tyrant kill so much, at least I should manage something over Easter.

That's it for today though and maybe I'll get some more game pics up before the weekend, until then TTFN


  1. Loving the blue highlights on the tyrant! Looks great! Such great greens too!

  2. Nice work - really dig the Tyrant - he turned out great.


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