Dread Tober

Dread Tober Involved blogs list By Greg on Feed your nerd.
Picture from Todd on SincaiN40K
So a bunch of bloggers that I follow are going for a Halloween special, the goal is for all of us to paint a Dread or Kan sized model. Getting lots of us bloggers to paint up a similar model is a great showcase of the different styles and techniques we all use. So having signed up I'll looking at the start off my offering after the break. 


So We've seen this fella recently haven't we? 
There are two ulterior reasons for choosing this model to paint up and taking on this challenge, despite having enough live projects right now to keep me busy till Christmas.

Firstly I used a Hellbrute mayhem pack a few weeks back Vs Lester and it was amazing, so much fun a massive shock for him and actually quite effective one even survived.

Secondly I want to get my colours for daemon engines sorted ready for the knight, The Brute has a fair amount of flesh on him along with some bit's that will look great if made to look like raw wounds.
Obviously this model has had a little paint on it already so I'll be finishing up a couple of the projects on my workbench first as I've got a head start.
Next up should be the promised Knight pose post, then after that I'll be rounding off the progress on other projects while my wife was away, until then TTFN. 


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