Devil in the detail, Khornate Daemon Knight and Dread Tober 3

So I've shown off the running pose and I think it works really well and I can tick of one of my wishlist items for this project. Next I need to start working that corruption in, a lot of green stuff has already mad it's way onto the model. Read on after the break as I show some of these starting point. 

I've been working largely on one area at a time, though with some experiments across the board especially while I let green stuff harden. However since the model is so large I want to take advantage of sub-assemblies, finishing sections at a time and making the whole thing much less daunting. 

Evolution of the Leg.
Since the project started off at the legs it makes sense to make that one of the primary areas to get done.
To be precise I've started my main detailing work on the Knights right leg, and progress while slow is very promising. I've already shared the beginning phase of the ankle and pistons.
And some of the progress on the thigh,
 Sculpting this had two evenings of me with a Google search of a body builder's leg on the TV, wonder what the neighbours would have thought, I think I had the curtains closed. 
From this basic muscle shapes I was a little unsure about the hip spike and it didn't seem to fit. Then Skarbrand was released and inspired buy the but spines on the bloodthirster I made some changes and did this.
 Slightly washed out photo but I think you get the picture. I'm much happier with this and at this stage the thigh is nearing completion, just needs some veins and a very thin layer of torn ragged skin so I can have bloody muscle texture showing through the rents and paint the skin in the same colour as the Hellbrute, I'll also be adding a few chains with skulls on to hold the armour plate in place. 

Once that's done I'll move down the leg finishing off the tendons and pistons ready to fit the shin armour after painting. 
During this stage I'll also work on the clawed feet.

The beginnings of the Carapace.
As one of the major components of the knight's silhouette I had to have a really good play with the carapace, firstly you may have noticed above in the pose photos that I cut the large front area off.
Now I had hinted at some plan with this before;
"the Large area of trim at the front of the Knight's main carapace is such an iconic part of the silhouette I just knew I had to mess with it."
 In a fit of clipping and knife work I removed the piece completely, inspired by the hellbrute and a number of Bits from the Ogre Thundertusk kit and chaos spawn left overs, I began to reconstruct. 
I want a realy rough bony area and the horns will act as a sort of crown mutch like the one on the Hellbrute.
The texture has worked well and the only thing realy to do is complete the transition to the carapace. But first I should probably do something about this. 
I got clipper happy but don't worry I have plans, some of witch have already been started and will feature in a coming post next week as I pick up my sculpting tools again after Dread Tober is finished.

Dread Tober
Speaking of which, the latest photos are ready and I'll leave you with them.
At this point the Bone and horns have just been finished, and I've got the Flesh and Red bits to go. 
Since it was this model that made me want to have the spine on the Knight, It's a great chance to try out painting techniques on a smaller scale. I've got plans to use subtle glazes of Purple, Blue and Yellow to give bruised colourations, first I want to finish all the red pipes and vents bringing some up to a bright orange like my legionnaires.
Once that's done it'll be onto the technical paints for some blood and rust and lastly basing. 

I really happy so far and feel it's coming together just need to find the time to finish it this weekend, then next week I can pick up the sculpting tools again.
Until next time TTFN


  1. Nice progress on both fronts Dan! Awesome helbrute and that knight is coming along fantastically!

    1. Thanks Greg. Hoping to leave work soon so I can get a little more done on the hellbrute. It's so close now.

  2. Haha. You know you've got it bad when you play hooky from work just to get a little hobby progress in. I think your Knight's turning out very well, and that Helbrute is so close you can just about taste it. Gross.

    1. Success, flexible working is great when I'm not stuck doing a 50-60 hour week.
      Managed to get some paint on the flesh between getting home, having dinner and helping with our baby and then picking my eldest up from nursery.
      Flesh base coat is tidied up and first highlight layer about 60%.


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