So that Knight I've been Hinting at?

So last time round I looked at my Desert Rats, since writing that post I managed to glue the last unit together and I might even Spray them this coming weekend.
Taking advantage of the time while my family was away, I kept busy on a number of projects during the evening around doing bits to the house. Today after the break I'm going to share my plans for the Knight Kit.

I left you last time with this little hint, I realy want to go to town on this one and the first phase was to repose the model into something more suitable, but before that I wanted to get a bigger plan for the model.

With Forgeworld finally releasing rules for Chaos Knights I just couldn't get the idea out of my head, not only had they gifted us with chaos knights, but you can upgrade them to deamon Knights,

While I'm looking forward to seeing if Forgeworld expand on their Chaos Knight Models I just can't resist building some of my own.

Step one then was to get some inspiration. Now I can't remember which order I came across the ideas but this guy is definitely my go to look, I realy want this Knight to be realy daemonic and with that in mind the current best offing we have on a great daemon engine combining metal and flesh is the hellbrute.
He realy sets the theme for me and I wanted to capture elements from it's design, the knight had to be totally corrupted through and though.

Obviously the next step in getting ideas (especially if you have to wait a few weeks for an order to come through) is Google image search.

So I started trying different search terms.
Chaos Knight Titan
Chaos Imperial Knight

Though only slightly different they produce a fair mix of pictures between them and today I even found a new batch of chaos Knight by trying
Daemonic Imperial Knight

During my searches one name kept cropping up along with his excellent Khorne knight and one of the main inspirations for starting this project. None other than KrautScientist of Khorne's Eternal Hunt not only is he one of my favourite bloggers but he has a great chaos knight that's now close to completion and I realy can't wait to see it all done.

Not only has he produced this great looking model but he's also written a great post on Dark Future Games that does half of my research work for me. Yay.

Now I'm not going to go through all the great work out there right now, as I could easily fill several posts with cool images and anyway I've given the search terms with flag up so many great models.
No this research has lead me to a wish list of elements I'm going to work to. A project brief so to speak.

Objective 1.
I want every element of the Knight corrupted and mutated in some way, now that's not to mean every square mm needs work but I want examples of the chaos taint throughout, with a few specifically targeted areas.
  • Protruding daemon Spine, a common theme in the current chaos models I realy want to have the daemon within literally busting out of the carapace, since starting the project I've found exactly what I need to do this but for now I'll leave this inspiring pic here from Skrundle's Thread on Bolter and Chainsword. 

  • Feet and legs, odd though it sound to fixate on the feet I've not found many people who really go to town on the feet and legs of a Knight, for part of this I'm going to repose the whole thing away from the stock pose and aim for some thing more dynamic. But I want to emulate that look of the hellbrute right down to the toes thoroughly warped and twisted. Yet having not found much the Daemonic search earlier? well look at this bunch of nasty beasts by miteyheroes, again on Bolter and Chainsword I only hope we get to see the last knight finished as it's a great idea.
  • the Large area of trim at the front of the Knight's main carapace is such an iconic part of the silhouette I just knew I had to mess with it.
Objective 2.
As mentioned above I want to push the pose to the limit on this one, truly ramping up the dynamism of the knight, charging forward in an attack pose. Pixel Toys really came to the rescue here, with the new game Freeblade on the way not only does it look like a huge amount of fun but we have this. 
It's a great looking game with lovely animation, so being able to see a knight actually moving is something I'm lucky to have as a resource. Trust me the number of times I rewound and watched tiny clips of this to get the pose right it's surprising I din't get RSI fro the mouse clicks. 

Objective 3.
I realy want to tell a story with this piece and as I've collected bits along the way I've had some great Ideas for how a Knight could end up encasing the daemon inside.

  • Chains, with all the fleshy bits busting out expect to see chains and chaos runes binding that beast in place, 
  • Trophies, While Khorne loves his skulls and there will be plenty of those tiny human skulls just doesn't cut it. The Knight kit comes with a bunch of extra face plates for a great start but I've got a couple of special extras I hope to incorporate.
So I've yammered on enough surly and as it was about 5 weeks ago I first picked up my clippers, knife, glue and greenstuff, I've got loads to share from while my wife was away. Today though I'm going to leave you with a little sneak peek of the first stages. 
I've been bouncing back and forward between projects so assuming I can get the time to write up the posts I've got a wide variety of things to share, next time I look at the Knight I'll start with the progress on that pose, he's been a little sidelined since my Wife and Kids got home from America so I'll be spreading out the progress with other projects. 
Until then TTFN 


  1. This is going to be a fantastic build! Looking forward to all your updates Dan!

    1. thanks man. A lot of work to do and I'm poking other things as well but it's been fun so far, expect an update next week.


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