Magic rings, 32mm Base rings.

So yet again it's been a while. However I have a few mins sitting n the Test rig room at work waiting for something from my main office. Last time round I promised a look at the base rings to extend 25mm bases to the shiny new size of 32mm.
So not only can I do that but  I've been using them on my stealers so I get to include some updated photos of them after the jump as well hooray.

After hearing about Secret Weapon's adapter rings I decided to do a little digging round as secret weapon's are made from resin and would need superglue,

Having found a thread on Dakka, with the effort put into making the inner bevel match manufacturers bases, I decided to check out Eccentric miniatures plastic adapter rings.
Because I was ordering from america I ordered quite a few as they come in packs of 12 for $3, since then they've started to sell a pack of 100 for $22 if you realy want to go to town with them.
Sadly they arrived right in the middle of the house rewire so ended up relegated to a shelf while we were crashing at my brothers, Once we got back home I had chance one evening to have a play with them and start attaching them to some Genestealer
They are realy easy to clip off the sprue, though sometimes they touch at the corners and need separating with a knife, it's only a thin bit of flash and a sharp knife quickly sorts it out.

Once cleaned  your ready to go.
Since they don't have a key at the ends they can be a little fiddly to get lined up onto the base, the best way I found was to do it on a flat surface, sliding the rings flat up to the base then adding the second, as it's plastic you can use plastic glue and get a bit more working time to make sure everything line up. Also if the rings a re a little tight the glue will soften the inner side so you can squish in on firmly.

Once dry they work very well although you might need the tiniest of trimming or filling at the joins.
Over all I'm realy happy with them and will also be using them on the Black legion Squad I shared a while back. I'm going to look out for some 32mm bases for models I;ve not painted yet but for saving a tonne of time on  already painted models or slotter bases like stealers and Hormagaunts these definitely get my vote.
Once I'd got the first couple done I then finished up the squad and started adding basing material, I'm going to try and get some paint on these this weekend, speaking of painting bases I managed this some time back so might as well do that as well.
Even with all the Work on the house, Work and a new baby I've managed to get some hobby time now and then and have a fair few things to share. Hopefully I can get some more posts up soon and until than I hope this is a handy review and TTFN.


  1. Very nice dan. Thanks for the painted shots as well. Really helps to sell their usefulness!


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