April check in part 1. Malenthrope and a Tyrant 100%

So even though it's been tough managing to post up content I've not been completely idle, meaning dramatic changes at the painting desk. Read on to see the first truly finished models.
First up is the Malanthrope, having kinda finished it before, feedback from the community along with techniques developed on the Hive Tyrant meant I wanted to revisit it.
I think painting the tentacles in a good contrast colour really helps break up the large area of green it had.
I've also settled on a basing scheme with some extra bits ordered specially for it.

At the same time as upgrading the finish on the Malanthrope I finished the Toxic tyrant, base and all.
I'm really happy with the colour scheme now and the more nids that get added the cooler it all looks.

As an added bonus here's the base of rippers all finished.
I left off all the greenery on these little monsters as I figured they are eating it as they go.
Next time I'll be looking at the second batch of finished models, as the large batch paint comes to an end. Until then TTFN and as always all comments welcome.


  1. I loveeeeeeee the purple contrast added. Really adds a huge pop and brings tons of interest to the models! Great idea!


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