So whats in the works?

So last week I did some finishing up of my Tyranid projects and their current state and while that's not to say they won't crop up again soon they aren't one of my main projects right now.
Now My Wife took the kids to see her parents at the end of August for three weeks, so I suppose it no surprise that I managed to get more hobby time in of an evening and whats even better is that I had a lot of waiting around at work while computer software loaded up, hence not only making posts but being able to schedule some (this one was written Monday the 14th look at me go).
So after the break I'm going to share the first project I've been working on.

Just before my wife went away I picked up the first part of my order with these three box sets.
Two of them are from the project I'll be talking about next and the other is today's subject matter.

That's right I'm going to try a non GW game, Partial inspired by playing a lot of World Of Tanks Blitz, and partially as a break from 40k Lester really got into the idea and it wasn't long before he captured me up in the plan of having loads of tanks.

This lead us onto many plans and talks but now there are a bunch of us looking at bolt action and the African front,

As you can tell I've managed to blag Montgomery's Desert Rat and Lester will be rolling up with the Rommel's Afrika Korps, along with some other friends who are looking at the Italians and Americans.

With the Sides chosen I've desided to take it slowly and began with a single box of Perry miniatures Desert Rats, spending some time a Friday or two back knocking up my first unit.
The plan here is to use quick painting techniques to get them table ready, starting with a gray primer I'll be following that with a white zenithal highlight and then move onto mostly washing and maybe a little dry brushing.

With that in mind the following Saturday evening I quickly followed up with the second unit and made a start on the command and support options,

These models truly are brilliant, with lovely detail and even though both squads came off an identical single sprue there is plenty of variation despite how it first appears when you open the box,

From here I need to finish assembling the final unit and Command models so I can get the spray cans out as soon as I get an evening of good weather.

Next time I'll be taking a look at the second of the big projects I'm working on and leave you today with a  hint as to whats next.
Until next time.


  1. Ooooh that is a ton of cool stuff you are working on. Nice Variety!

    1. Thanks man. I may have spoken to the wife about nova and think we may manage a trip state side next year and dive across from NJ.

    2. Thanks man. I may have spoken to the wife about nova and think we may manage a trip state side next year and dive across from NJ.


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