State of the nids.

With the genestealers getting a spot of paint on their bases the other night, after the break I though I'd do a quick round up of how things are with my nids right now as they get put to rest for a while. 

Firstly I have a batch of new models, the Venomthropes and Tyrannocyte purchased as part of the hobby challenge along with the Toxicrene I got for Christmas. These are all assembled and ready for priming. I got to this stage just before we began the work on the house, along with these was the Hormagaunts and Warriors for my next batch of painting.
Right now I'm not in the mood for a large batch paint but I may try and get some spray paint on these soon and maybe just paint one at a time, they all need a wash first however as they got caked in plaster dust even on a top shelf out of the way.

Next up is the second Maelenthrope nothings changed here as I want to get the models that don't need as much (or any in fact) sculpting done out of the way first so I doubt it'll get a look in this year since I have a couple of other projects I would like to finish first and will be sharing shortly.

The next Nid project I had underway for the hobby challenge was hinted at in a picture from the game Lester and I played at wayland, my Tyrant guard conversions, I've got some pics to share soon with their current state in a dedicated post.

That along with a bunch of "loft of shame" items plus my current projects should give me plenty to talk about, even if I don't do much with the nids, maybe a dab of paint and a look at the Hive tyrant but I won't be concentrating on them full time.

With a bunch of content waiting to be written up, along with time waiting for equipment in the test rig to come online, I might even manage a few posts over the next month, fingers crossed and until then TTFN.


  1. I hope you magnetized the toxicrene's tentacles! Malethrope conversion is looking awesome!

    1. no I just glued it on because I don;t plan on running a Maleceptor any time soon. Transport might be an issue though, oh well.

    2. Doh. Generally its best not to glue them, as you can't play with it with the arms in place (it knocks over all the models). So peeps magnetize so you can swing them up and out of the way of the models it is in combat with.


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