Experiments continue.

With a very busy Christmas (covered over 2000 miles visiting family) it's no surprise that I've not managed much more than mix up some little pots of the metalic powers with medium.
I did manage another test model as I develop the painting process and integrating it into my tyranid formula.
Read on to see how it's come out.
The model from the first batch is on the right,  as you can see the new method is much greener.  By applying each layer of metallics after each whole model drybrush layer the mat paint gives a good base for the next metallic layer and helps the colour transition.  
Ultimately I need to integrate the method into the quick painting style I use for my nids and hope to have it nailed down this week with some progress tonight in particular.

Since I only need to paint a lictor and hive tyrant this month should allow me some catch up on December and I hope to be back on track in time for the box of Zoans/Venoms and 12 Hormagaunts in march.

Till next time TTFN


  1. Nice dan. I know the entire scheme isn't done yet, but I think i like the more blue carapace better then the green on green due to the contrast!

    1. The aim is to hit a good mid point between the acid green of the main skin and the really striking blue used on the claws, teeth, horns and other spiky bits.

      Would like a bit more blue in there and have the two tone middle powder a bit more prominent.

      Likely just a matter of adapting the metallic mixes and how heavy I apply the mat dry brushes.


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