Feeling Peckish

So at the beginning of the month this was the state of my hive tyrant, he was mostly assembled With some bits to knock up his weapon load out. I've since finished the conversion work, undecorated and begun to apply the first metallic layer so after the break i'll be sharing the assembled model with his weapon load out.
A number of things inspired my decision on load out, firstly was the hypertoxic node from Shield of Baal. I wanted something to march forward supporting my main force alongside a host of poisonous beasties to do that I wanted some CC but also some ranged to soften up targets from the mid field. 
Also I had already got a unit of Warriors built for the painting challenge and though it would be cool to echo their weapon loadout, so I went with a pair of twin linked devourers and lash whip/bone sword combo.
I could have magnetised the tyrant but for fixing up a model from an ebay batch it was a step to far, that and I like how recognisable leader beasts are cropping up in the fluff as the hive mind uses successful beasts again and again so having a fixed model suits me just fine.
And here he is. 
Having selected the loadout and dug out the bits from the loft I set about choosing whether to use the Deathspitters arms or crushing claws with my 2nd ed devourers. as can bee seen below the Deathspitters provided the best combo and after the addition of some green stuff and a couple of other bits I finished him up.
My green stuff skills are fairly basic but I quite like how these turned out and once painted they should be fine.
Outside edge devourer detail

Inside edge devourer detail with Toxin Sacs.
Along with assembling the hive tyrant the lictor was also prepared for spraying, I think of the older models the lictor has stood the test of time very well, if it wasn't a metal model I would have played with the pose a bit, particularly the strange squatting knees but since this is more about getting table worthy models I'm quite content with the stock pose and am looking forward to seeing how the metallic effect works on these bigger models. 
This weekend gave me much better weather so I have managed to not only prime these two and the Malanthrope but also use a can of halfords dark green on the genestealers as well.
Current state of the painting table. Their's a lot of green going on.
Hopefully batch painting will mean I suddenly discover I'm all caught up.
Hopefully tonight I'll get a good deal of painting done at least applying the first metallic layer followed by green dry brush, and might even manage a check in photo session ready for the 1st. 

Until then TTFN.