A lament to the Fallen.

So it's been quite a while since I last managed a post. I have a lot going on at home right now with a full house renovation thanks to a full rewiring, finishing the kitchen (which the rewiring was done for) and a new baby boy (the reason for getting the kitchen done now as the old one was horrid).
Not only does this mean that basically all my hobby stuff has been packed away and in the garage or storage but there is simply no where to do anything.

So why the lament, well sadly during this time my hive tyrant attempted to be a Flyrant and as the picture shows failed big time.

So what's next?
well the loss of the tyrant has killed a lot of my nid enthusiasm for painting more even if I could get at the paints and models.

Some of my birthday cash found it's way towards the age of sigma box set. the group is looking at  trying out the new warhammer. If we don't like it then I reckon my Khone deamonkin army will be getting started sooner rather than later.

I'm very tempted to try and get some hobby space ready this weekend then look at a couple of terrain projects which I recently acquired materials for. Hopefully I'll have some progress coming but until then I've plans for a loft of shame series. Showing some of the things that have been dug out of the loft in the recent house work and one day intend to  finish.

Untill then TTFN


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