End of Jan hobby check in.

I left the last update with the above picture of the painting station.  With January been and gone and so after the break I have an update on the hobby challenge. 

I spent most of yesterday night vigorously dry brushing snot green onto all of my December and January models which means the painting station looks like this.
Not a great deal of difference I'll grant you but a big step out of the way. 

Having done that I gave the Malanthrope a quick coat of the metalic peacock colour to see how it looks on a bigger shelled model. 
Overall I very happy with the outcome and can't wait to finish it off.  I think I'll and a second layer though as it took a few moments to find a good angle to show the effect. 

After all the models have received the peacock layer comes the scorpion green,  final metalic highlight and then the claws and poiny bits in blue. 

Hopefully the next update will have the scorpion green done  and I can move onto the blue layers. Unti next time  TTFN. 


  1. I like how it looks on the bigger model. I've been finding with the walkers, that the larger you go, the better the effects look. I think everything just scales nicer when it's not a tiny model!

    1. so true, loving your results with the walkers and eagerly awaiting how your chipping techniques turn out.
      I'm hoping to have a go tonight with the Peacock metallics on more than just the Malanthrope to get a better Idea of the end results.


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