I like the way you move. Knight of the Black Ruin

As I discussed last time I'd spnt alot of time Pondering and preparing the pose for the Daemon Knight. Today I've got some pictures of the Tacked together Knight along with the process that got me there. 
As I said before in my last post discussing the knight, 
"I've not found many people who really go to town on the feet and legs of a Knight"
That's not to say that the stock pose isn't realy good, cunning use of the torso joint and arm position can make a great looking model, I mean I've told you all how much I love KrautScientist right? you know maybe one or two times?
KrautScientist's Knight by the time this post is live it'll be finished an on his blog I can't wait.
Undoubtedly very cool, just like so many other brilliant models I saw while researching, however I do like to try things a little out of the box, for me a real project like this is an opportunity to see the inspiration and then see even though I'm gathering ideas from all around if I can do something different. 

Now another Knight that I'm a big fan of is from Tibbs Forge who's project starts here and across many posts he covers his reposing of the Queen Bee to curb stomp a Necron Triarch stalker. 

Picture from Tibbs Forge
His attention to detail is truly stunning and the amount of love pored into this one model makes it truly something to aspire to. 

It was thanks to the detailed posts on Tibbs Forge that I plucked up the courage to take a number of sharp implements to what is a very expensive kit and started the down the road that lead to this. 
Now reposing the knight Knee realy isn't that hard, but once I got this far I needed to work out what next.
Knowing it would be a Khornate Knight meant that aggression should be the clear message, and what better way to show than than have the knight charging forward.

Slaanesh Knight from Arklight
That's what I'm talking about, only less elegant and more stompy, oh and none of this fancy firing mid leap from rocky outcrops guns are for the weak. ahem, maybe I'm spending to much time thinking about this....

Naaa, it'll be fine.

So yet again I've been showing off other people's work and holding back on my own, sorry I'll get on with it.

With both legs in bits I quickly put the torso and hips together, then came a marathon of watching the Freeblade trailer, pausing and slowly playing through the same bits over and over again, once I had a realy good feel for how the knight moves and having dry fitted the pieces out came the Tamiya extra thin cement. I wanted a strong bond for the knee joint to only tack the rest together so it would come apart easily enough for the next stages of detailing and eventually painting. 

I'm really happy with this and feel it looks both very natural and brutal, clearly something is in for a truly bad day. You'll notice that even though Forgeworld haven't yet released rules for a chaos Knight Gallant, I still went with the double close combat option, TBH I just couldn't resist and while magnetising or getting spare arms isn't that difficult for a knight the pose is so dependent on the arm positions that I'll probably glue it together, Just need a big case to transport it in then.

I expect this guy will be keeping me busy for quite some time, there will be a huge amount of green stuff work, and I've only just scratched the surface so far.

I while I've not had much chance to work on this guy in the last few weeks I still have plenty to share on this and a couple of other projects. Depending on how I get on this week will determine what I share next but expect to see something new, something something old and something that every chaos player who likes to convert will find interesting. Until I workout which to do first, TTFN


  1. It's interesting...over time I have slowly turned to the dark sides of chaos, not because of the fluff or gameplay...but because you can have so much !@$)(&!)&$! fun building and modifying everything to look all daemony!

  2. The running pose is very aggressive. It looks very cool. And the green stuff on the leg is excellent. Very natualistic and organic.

  3. The running pose is very aggressive. It looks very cool. And the green stuff on the leg is excellent. Very natualistic and organic.

  4. I posted on B & C already. I didn't realize this was you! Haha. Anyway, I'm excited to see where this goes, man. Thanks for the shoutout for TibbsForge.com


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