Finished, Dread Tober 5

So I've been busy at work and not been able to post but I managed to finish the Hellbrute last weekend, so after the break I can share the finished Dread.

In the ranks of the Black Legion no fate is considered worse than that of the Mortis Juramentus, those that have failed the despoiler above and beyond that of the Oath Broke, champions and lords who are held responsible for the failures of their missions will find their surviving men condemned to the oath broken, but the fate of the leader is far darker, dragged off the the chambers of the Dark Mechanicum where the sickly wet sarcophagus of a hellbrute awaits.
Such is the ire reserved by the Despoiler for these unfortunates their fate transcends death itself, Dark magics and daemonic pacts are woven into the shell of these Hellbrutes, reserved specially for the biggest failures who's very soul is captured by the machine and bound within.

Such is the nature of the binding that only total annihilation ends the torture of the one trapped within, black rituals performed on the smallest fragment of a hellbrute drags the soul screaming back into reality to be placed once more into the shell of a new machine. Growing from the one fragment, broken and raving the body of the trapped victim is once more trapped within the shell of his unholy prison.

All records of the former champion are expunged and their names are forbidden, with the mutation and disfigurement brought on by their transformation no one could identify the pilot even if they wanted to, and anyone attempting to risks the same fate. Each hellbrute is given a new designation taken from myth and legend.

The Hellbrute designated Horkos is rumoured to hold the body of a former lord of Khorn. Whispers of his downfall talk of a forgotten crusade of blood, ending with a failed siege when infighting tore his forces apart. A failure to control his own forces lead to a fighting retreat as forces of the corpse emperor arrived to reinforce the defenders. 
I'm so glad to have this finished, though a week late I did start painting it a little way into October so I think I managed to do it within a month.
The model at times was a bit of a pain, there are a couple of patches of detail I missed particularly on some of the piping. Next time I'll be heavily converting the second Dark Vengeance Hellbrute though I'm not sure what to arm it with as I have an old metal Chaos Dreadnought I want to convert up a bit for some constancy so sharing parts between will be a good start.

For now though I'm concentrating on the knight, the Hellbrute has given me a great practice run for painting the knight.
The bruising has come out particularly well, plenty of colour variation has really made the flesh more interesting, particularly on the back of the model where it would have been somewhat plain without it.

Overall Dread Tober has been a roaring success with 48 entrants and a 65% completion, a big thank you to Greg from feed your Nerd, Todd from SincaiN40K and everyone else involved for a great event. Hopefully Horkos stands up alongside the other great entries. 

I'll leave you this evening with a shot of him alongside the rest of my current finished black legion and next time I hope to have a bit of an update on the knight as I've been adding more green stuff this past week.

Until then TTFN.


  1. Loving the look of this, makes me feel I need some more work on my own Hellbrutes. Great stuff :)

    1. Thank you. It's great to know that my work is inspiring others.

  2. Came out fantastic Dan! Congrats on a job well done!

  3. Fantastic! He looks awesome! No worries on finishing later. I'll eventually add you to the completed pile!


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