Post 100. April check in part 2, Devilgaunts and Lictor.

With the hive Tyrant and Malenthrope finished I moved onto the devilgaunts and rest of the batch paint. Needless to say as things got close to finished it was easier to shrink the batches down a touch and finish each unit at a time.
Today, after the break, I'm showing the next two units all nice and finished.
The full unit.
First up are the Devilgaunts, once painted I split them into batches for final basing touches as this would aid in unit recognition, half have rocks on the base and half don't, then 4 have only moss, 4 have the red/yellow leaves and the last 4 have mixed leaves. This will allow me to split them up amongst other gaunt units if I follow a similar pattern with my fleshborer gaunts.
Batch 1 with mixed leaves.
Batch 2 with red/yellow leaves
Last batch with just moss
I'm realy happy with how they are all looking especially as the number increase, the painting techniques I've used individually are ok tabletop standard but as my desk fills with painted models the colours realy begin to shine and finishing this unit of gaunts has helped greatly prove that.

The next model I finished is the Lictor, technically it was the last of the batch to have the model finished but has been based before the Genestealers so gets over the finish line first.
With this part of the batch finished I just have the Genestealers to base, though I've made the decision to use 32mm bases as it's so hard on the table to get models properly into base to base. Removing casualties can also be a real pain in the arse as stealer arms and heads get in the way and tangled up.

So at the moment I'm waiting for some base rings to arrive so I can upgrade 25mm to 32mm, though since the stealers aren't yet based I may pick up a pack of 32mm bases from GW next time I'm in.

Until then I've started assembling the next batch of models ready for painting and next time I'm going to look at how I'm going to finish off the painting challenge, see what I;ve got and knock up a list to target over the coming months, until the TTFN. and as always comment welcome.


  1. Looking great Dan! Gotta say, once you added that purple to, just looking really awesome!

    1. thanks man. it's such a pain the the arse that I've had such a busy time at work, I would have loved to have more than just the first two months done.

  2. Yeah, gotta agree with Greg - those purple accents really make the green and blue pop. Love 'em


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