End of February check in.

So a little late but here's how my table looked last time round and I've got more to share after the break.

As you can see there is a lot more vibrant green going on and if you look closely the Hive Tyrant's carapace is finished. In this shot The Gaunts and Genestealers still need the last metalic finishing touches, though last night I managed to finish this stage on the Gaunts leaving just the Genestealer unit left.

Hopefully I'll get that stage complete this evening as its relatively quick,  One thing that is encouraging me to get this stage finished is the prospect of some modeling as conversions and building is my favorite part of the process. 
Along with a Toxicrene that my lovely wife gave me for Christmas I've picked up my February box set of Venomthropes. Having looked at the Zoanthrope components the heads and torsos are different components for the kits two builds only sharing a rib cage. This got me thinging and I dug out all my old Zoanthrope bits from the loft.
Almost as soon as GW released the Finecast Zoanthrops I picked up a pair, beyond having to put a two inch pin up through the base and tail to stop them drooping I had no problems with the finecast kits, A definite improvement on the metal ones that would fall over and chip to hell.
With a pair of finecast Zoans I promptly ripped the head off the three older ones and one of the new designs and began work on these.

I now have enough bodies to use the plastic bits to easily build all three of the Zoans and make the Venomthropes out of the box. I might even manage to bring my Doom of Malan'tai conversion up to scratch, based on the original second ed Zoanthrop model it'll be interesting to see If I can use this for a Neurothrope and I'll be sitting on a good sized unit of 6 ideal for podding in and wreaking face

To add to this, yesterday I picked up a box of Hive Guard/Tyrant Guard for my march purchase so I'll be digging my part complete tyrant guard out of the loft to see what I can do with them, I'm hoping to manage a similar plan to the zoans and use the spares from the box to finish the Tyrant Guard and make the Hive guard. 

With a holiday to wales a week on Monday I expect its to much of an ask for me to finish all 23 models and ripper base before I go away, tonight and Tuesday should see some progress and then I'll be able to take some stuff with me to do in evenings. 

Hopfuly I'll be able to get another post in this week with something finished, untill then thanks for reading and TTFN.